Top 10 Millionaire Dating Sites in Australia on the Web 2019

No.1 Millionaire Match Australia 5 stars

Millionaire match, a millionaire dating site that caters exclusively to single millionaires and young, single ladies who are keen to land a millionaire as their beau certainly seems to be living up to all the hype. It’s been functioning for over 15 years and has certainly managed to snag over 2 million members in 2014 and is all set to establish new records for this year as well. The site seeks to connect millionaires with eligible single women and does not bar anyone from signing up. If you are new to this site, then you would be required to complete the sign up process and please note that if you choose to describe yourself as a millionaire, then a representative from the company would call you in person to walk you through the sign up process.

No.2 Sugar Daddy Meet Australia 5 stars

Unlike other sugar daddy sites out there, sugar daddy meet is a legacy in the making for it was one of the first sites to cater to this specified narrow niche and has been doing a fabulous job of the same for more than a decade. Sugar daddy meet currently boasts of having more men than women which makes it one of the few dating sites to stand out on this count (52.4% men as opposed to 47.6% women). The site design is quite good and it focuses your attention to the main aspects of the site right away. Sugar daddy meet, as the moniker says, is all about older, financially secure single men and eligible ladies and this platform makes the connection happen. If you are planning to sign up, then you should know that the site comes with an easy to understand interface and the sign up process fairly easy; please note that this site does not cater to cougars, gay relationships or for that matter, those who opt to lie on their profile. Sugar daddy meet is a serious dating website and would immediately suspend any member who is found to have lied on his profile or posted pornography on the same.

No.3 Millionaire Match Sydney 4 stars

When it comes to millionaire dating sites, millionaire match stands out from the rest of the crowd for all the obvious reasons; apart from the fact that it was one of the first to come up with the concept of millionaire dating, the website makes it patently clear that the site is not for casual hookups but for developing real personal relationships. In fact, the website encourages you to find one and the various blog posts point out the need for developing a long standing personal relationship as opposed to a transactional or temporary one. Yes, millionaire match caters exclusively to millionaires and helps them to find the perfect partner from the many millions of eligible young women who have signed up.

No.4 Sugar Daddy Allowance Australia 4 stars

With various sites catering already to sugar daddies and sugar babies, the sugar daddy Allowance shows why it continues to hog the limelight where this specific dating niche is concerned. With more than 1+ million active users, it is easy to see why this site gets tagged as the number one online social sugar networking site. It comes with a free sign up and a highly functional website design that allows you to navigate and check out all its main features with ease. But the one downside to this dating website is that you are required to be a paid member to access all its main features but then again, nearly all the other dating sites do the same. So whether you are looking for sugar daddy allowance or need sugar baby allowance, you should be able to sign up easily, in a matter of minutes.

No.5 Seeking Arrangement Australia 3 stars

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site that caters mostly to sugar daddies and sugar babies; it focuses on a narrow niche that caters exclusively to wealthy men and women who prefer to start a relationship with someone who can offer some financial security. The site interface is easy on the eyes and the sign up process simple enough; you would be required to enter pertinent information and all you require is a valid email to sign up with and you should get registered in a matter of seconds. However, your dating profile will be vetted and only after the process is complete which can include a detailed and comprehensive background check including criminal activities – as a result, it will be a while before your profile is approved.