Facts about Sugar Daddy Allowance and Sugar Baby Allowance Relationship

Sugar Daddy AllowanceSugar baby is a woman who gets into a romantic relationship with a financially strong man seeking love and companionship in his life. In return for the relationship, the man provides cash, gifts and other facilities to the woman for a good lifestyle. The man is known as sugar daddy. The sugar baby goes out on dates, visits places on vacations and provides physical, emotional and social gratification to the sugar daddy. College going girls often get into sugar baby relationships to finance their college fees and fulfill their desire for a rich lifestyle.

Sugar daddy pays a monthly allowance to the sugar baby to cover various costs such as rent, food and other expenditures. This is called sugar baby allowance. A very wealthy sugar daddy can finance as much as $10,000 as sugar baby allowance but the average sugar baby allowance in the current times is $3000.

How to set a suitable sugar baby allowance?

Sugar baby allowance is the price that the sugar daddy pays for the time and attention that the sugar baby is putting in for his benefit. Thus, the sugar baby must set an allowance in accordance with the time and attention she is willing to invest for making a positive change in her sugar daddy’s life.

A suitable sugar baby allowance can be calculated by the woman on the basis of many factors. The most important factor is the monthly bill. The sugar allowance must be lot more than the monthly bill because it is important to save money and also keep cash in hand to spend on other material comforts. Thus, the sugar baby needs to consider all the expenses required to lead a comfortable life. Many sugar babies simply calculate their living expenses and double the figure to arrive at a suitable sugar baby allowance to ask from the sugar daddy.

Setting up profile

There are many websites for seeking sugar daddies. Sugar babies setting up their profile in these websites can mention the sugar baby allowance they expect from prospective sugar daddies. The amount may be high for many sugar daddies but there are enough wealthy men who would be willing to pay that much amount as sugar baby allowance. Being upfront about the allowance is beneficial since the sugar daddy has no doubts about the amount of money he needs to shell out for the sugar baby.

Tips for sugar baby allowance

  • The frequency of meetings has a significant impact on sugar baby allowance. Sugar baby allowance per date can be fixed such as once a month, once a week or thrice a week. If the arrangement is that the sugar baby needs to spend weekends with the sugar daddy or spend the night with him then the allowance is also higher. Travelling with the sugar daddy to other cities and countries also entail higher allowance. Additional expenses such as spending on clothes to accompany him to parties or travels also need to be covered apart from the allowance.
  • If the sugar baby is not allowed to date other men and must be available for the sugar daddy at all times then the sugar baby has the right to ask for higher sugar baby allowance.
  • Large cities have many millionaire men looking for sugar babies. The chances of landing up a high paying sugar daddy are, therefore, much higher than in small cities. Living costs in a big city are also expensive and high sugar baby allowance is a necessity.
  • If the sugar baby is not comfortable with stating her allowance range on her profile on a sugar dating website, she can negotiate directly with the sugar daddy. There should be no hesitation in stating the allowance expected and there is also no reason to give reasons for quoting the amount.
  • Determining the sugar daddy’s requirements such as frequency of meetings and other needs is suitable before fixing an appropriate sugar baby allowance.
  • The sugar baby can also ask for the range of allowance which the sugar daddy is ready to pay. Enquiring about the man’s previous relationships and the allowances he had paid in the past is also a good way of getting information about the range.

Things to avoid

  • Asking for extravagant allowances should be avoided. Obviously, there are men who can afford to pay hefty allowances but in such cases the sugar baby should wait for the relationship to gradually develop over a period of time before asking for a hike. Trying to fleece money from the sugar daddy is also not a desirable course of action.
  • Sugar baby should not compare the allowance she has negotiated with what other sugar babies are getting. This is because comparison creates doubts about the allowance leading to dissatisfaction. The higher allowance of some other sugar baby can be due to a number of factors such as stronger financial condition of the sugar daddy, more expensive living costs as in big cities, etc. This does not mean that the allowance you are getting is not enough.
  • Demanding frequent increase in allowances and other facilities is not liked by any sugar daddy. A good arrangement is one in which both the partners are happy.

How much allowance can a sugar daddy pay?

Wealthy men go for sugar daddy sugar baby relationships. This means that they have money to spend but it does not imply that they have unlimited wealth. Many millionaires have wealth in the form of investments and do not have extraordinary amounts of liquid cash. They also may need to pay for the college expenses of their own kids. However, some standard allowances are expected from sugar daddies.

$1000- $2000 is usually is the allowance for a sugar baby in an arrangement when long term relationship has not been established. The allowance is on a per meeting basis once or twice a month for 3-5 hours. The sugar baby can also get up to $3000 a month for spontaneous meetings over the month without a set pattern or time limit. $5000- $10,000 allowance can be expected in arrangements in which the sugar baby has established a long term relation with the sugar daddy with frequent meetings, night stays, going out on travels together, etc.

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