Sugar Daddy Allowance Australia - Get Sugar Baby Allowance $5000

Sugar Daddy Allowance AustraliaSugar dating has gained popularity in Australia over the years mainly due to many attractive young women looking for a good lifestyle and rich single men looking for companionship. Young women are willing to become sugar babies to lead comfortable lives with all the material comforts paid for by their sugar daddies. The sugar arrangements include going out on dates, tours, parties and simply spending quality time with each other. This is a mutually beneficial relationship in which the lonely man gets the time and attention of a young woman and showers her with cash and other gifts in return.

What is sugar daddy allowance?

Sugar daddy allowance is a monthly allowance that the sugar daddy pays his sugar baby. The monthly allowance covers her living expenses and other expenditures required for a luxurious lifestyle. A sugar daddy pays an average of $3000 as sugar baby allowance in Australia although the amount varies in different parts of the country such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Gold Coast, etc. In big cities inhabited by very rich men, there is always a possibility for sugar babies to get in touch with sugar daddies willing to pay as much as $15,0000 as monthly sugar baby allowance. Many sugar daddies also pay up to $1000 for every meet. Living expenses in big cities are costlier than smaller cities and the sugar baby allowance can increase appreciably.

Sugar dating for university students

There has been an increase in number of young Australian girls studying in universities across the countries who are turning towards Sugar relationships. The cost of education is very high with average cost of $30,000 in Australia. The high cost often makes it difficult for girls studying in universities to fund their studies. Cost of renting an apartment or house for staying and other expenses also drain the pockets.

In a sugar arrangement, the sugar daddy finances the tuition fees of the university and other costs of education. The sugar daddy also pays the monthly rental of his sugar baby. The sugar daddy may also buy an apartment for his sugar baby in many cases. Thus, the young girl is spared of educational expenses and rental cost. In addition, the sugar baby allowance enables her to spend money on material comforts such as dresses, expensive cosmetics, good food and others. An average monthly allowance of $3000 covers up the living expenses of university students who have chosen to be sugar babies. Furthermore, the sugar baby can also travel to exotic locations with her sugar daddy and stay in luxurious hotels and resorts which add to the opulent lifestyle not possible for a conventional university student.

The major benefit for university students becoming sugar babies is that they get started on their career without an educational debt or spending their own money on completing their university education.

A leading sugar daddy website recently released a list of universities having maximum number of sugar babies in Australia. University of Sydney topped the list followed by University of Newcastle. Other universities featuring in the list include Queensland University of Tech, University of Queensland, University of South Australia, Victoria University and many others.

Sugar baby allowance and debt

Sugar baby allowances are also widely used to clear debts. This is particularly true for college students who have incurred huge debts to fund their education. Instead of struggling to pay off the debt immediately after completing education, many young women get into sugar relationships. Sugar allowance paid by the sugar daddy is used to clear the debt. Consequently, the student is free to pursue a career of her choice after college instead of trying to find a job to start paying off the debt.

Young women struggling under any other kind of debt can also enter into sugar relationships. They are not only able to clear the debt through their allowances but do so while living a high class lifestyle paid for by the sugar daddy.

What is expected from a sugar baby?

The duties of a sugar baby as expected by the sugar daddy are as follows.

  • Lonely rich men have sexual needs which need to be satiated by the sugar baby. Sex is one of the components of sugar relationships and not the only one. However, sexual intimacy is expected by most of the sugar daddies.
  • The sugar baby must be prepared to spend quality time with her sugar daddy such as going out on romantic dinners, weekend outings, walk along the beach, etc.
  • Appearance is very important in sugar relationships. Sugar daddies love to show off their beautiful sugar babies having gorgeous figures to friends and colleagues at parties and other occasions. It is no secret that more gorgeous the woman, the more sugar allowance she is likely to attract from her sugar daddy. Thus, sugar babies need to go to gyms regularly to keep themselves in shape and invest in cosmetics and other things for maintaining appearance. Since the sugar daddy pays for everything, it is not a problem.
  • Sugar baby must respect the privacy of a sugar daddy with wife and family. Many sugar daddies also do not want to give any kind of publicity to their sugar relationships. Therefore, the sugar baby should avoid posting photos of her sugar daddy on social media. Most of the sugar daddies seek the company of sugar babies for relaxation and physical and emotional support and keeping things private is important.
  • Sugar baby must be considerate towards the feelings of the sugar daddy. Even though these are no strings attached relationships, the sugar baby needs to be caring towards her sugar daddy.

Sugar dating vs Prostitution

Sugar babies and sugar daddies get into a relationship and there are possibilities of real affection developing between them. Prostitution is a just a business agreement in which funds are exchanged for sex.

Sugar relationship is mutually beneficial for both the partners. The girl gets financial security and the man gets physical and emotional support. Prostitutes get paid to perform sexual acts with multiple men and are prone to STDs, abuse, crimes, etc.

Sugar babies can be university students, professionals, teachers, etc. while prostitutes are into the oldest profession for income.

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